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I really am loving 'Milk' by Kings of Leon right now....I need to get some itunes credit so I can download some of their music.

The Skeleton is a study I did of the skeleton at the studio. It is rather out of proportion. The Photo is form (I am not sure why but I can't ever get it to link properly.... any suggestions).
Anyways, if you have never seen that website then you need to, it is amazing.


Tyler said...

distorted drawings can be really good.i've seen a couple on purpose that struck a chord.

that site has a lot of great pictures. i got through the first page only. i was drinking a rockstar as i came across the Rock Star images. ha.

so.. you like Dali don't you?
what's your favorite painting of his?

abivrazo said...

I just spent about an hour tracking through your outfits:
instead of folding my own clothes.

just thought I'd be honest about that.

Tyler said...

realism is important, yeah. theres this artist i kind of know who doesnt stray to far from it, which looks amazing when he does. i'll find some links.

they really can. and sepia.

ha. yeah, he has so much. all of those are good. especially battle in the clouds. i love his simple things a lot, his pictures of bread, i can never memorize the names, just phrases. Do you mean Still Life Moving Fast? or is that its name too... either way, I love how the words Still Life sound together. and it's great. Swans Relfecting Elephants and One Second Before Awakening are my aboslute favorites. it took me a second to get what the bee was in the latter picture, amazing. and i forgot the persistence of memory.

okay... right now, i love sun kil moon. john frusciante. my bloody valentine. and slowdive.
you can see my profile for everything, but i move through it in phases. sun kil moon is probably my favoritest ever.

what are you digging?


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