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If it feels as though there must be something missing, then you must know how it would feel to be complete

I have forgotten how wonderful Page france is. They are such a joy to listen to.

dress and bag are thrifted. Thanks to my dad for taking the picture.

This is a little something I did a few months ago and had poured in aluminum. First I carved it in to a block of sandstone (backwards and inside out - so confusing) and then it was poured. I sold it to an uncle, but before letting go of it my dad took some snaps of it for my portfolio.


Krista said...

That's a gorgeous dress and really lovely artwork!

Tyler said...

hey, your blog is pretty neat.
mine isnt as cool. i used to post pictures, but now i'm boring.

and so im not a total stranger, i know luke, mandi, and jenn who youve met at cwsc.

which the former said we'd be friends if we'd ever met.

so hey.

Anonymous said...

hey that mold thing is pretty chill.
and i love your dress.
i'd really like to see more of your work cause i'm starting to do a lot more art for school and need inspiration.

Tyler said...

i used an old Sony Cybershot for those. it was my dad's, then my parents lost it. bad times.

there was a time when everyone used xanga, and we all updated all the time. since then i've gotten a new one, and no one's here anymore except luke. i will. you seem to be doing well with a fashion blog, though. i like your pictures too. camera?
yeah. i'll just comment here.

Tyler said...

yeah, it was too bad. happened a while back too. i saw the update where it had broken, that sucks. hope you get that part back. arent film cameras great, though? i don't know what it is about them.. you're pictures of the steel beams and graffiti are really great. i have this super old Minolta Maxxum, one of the first SLR cameras. i've yet to use it though, lol. i'm going to this winter.

i probably should get a facebook someday, everyone was telling me to, then they gave up, ha.. for a while i had nothing, which was liberating. i dont think i like having a persona on the internet. i needed an outlet though, (like your blog to you) so i got this again. if you have something to say... xanga is a good place to do that. not a lot of input though.


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