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Cold Rainy art day

Haha I am quite a silly person. I have been wanting to wear a rain coat for a month and when it finally rains all day long I leave it at home. Anyways, today was, other than the weather which I was unprepared for, quite nice. I sculpted, went to the library and drew, went cafe hopping, and then went to an opening of a amazing new exhibit at my favorite gallery. By the end of the day I looked like a complete hobo because I was wet and had put on a bunch of clothes that were in the back of my car because it was cold!
My dad brought me my developed film yesterday, so here are some pictures of beloved city on nice days.

A pice of Daud Akhriev's, one of the focus points of the new exhibit
and his wife, Melissa Hefferlin


Anonymous said...

The picture from the bridge is now my computer's wallpaper.


Anonymous said...

nice pictures.
i like the car one. it's pretty trippy.


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