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May 29

I have been recycling this outfit a good deal the past few weeks. The shirt is thrifted, the skirt is Express, the belt is from a local boutique and so is the bracelet. It is a comfy outfit and the colors put me in a good mood.
In the picture above I am waring Keds and my moms old bag, while in the picture below I have my UO silver lace-up flats, a cardigan form target (I got it last week on sale. I haven't bought anything new in a long time), and my moms old sunglasses.

I have started mass producing and selling cards that have a print of my watercolor flowers on it and making random things for people. For the fist time in a while I have some money, so, in celebration, I hope to oder these boots and a pair of sunglasses that aren't my moms rejects form UO today. The rest of the money will go in savings, otherwise it would not last very long.

By the way, there IS still a post on art coming along with some of my work. I really am almost done sculpting the skull (I have been saying that for about a moth though). We shall see...

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Carolyn said...

Hey Marie!

My friend showed me your blog a couple weeks ago and I've been really inspired by it. It looked very interesting to me and finally I just decided to go for it and make my own. I've got a lot of compliments on my style and I enjoy modeling so this seems like a good outlet. I may also post photo shoots with friends or articles that I find interesting. Anyway, since you were part of the inspiration I thought I should let you know in case you want to check it out. The blog is called Muse on Snapshots: Feel free to comment or make suggestions.



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