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Rolls of film and Some Past Outfits

Sorry for the lack of posts. One of my dear friends got married the past weekend and so I had quite alot going on. I will post some pictures from that later.
meanwhile, here are some outfits from the past week.

This was a colorful ensemble i wore to school.
skirt- AE
top- thrifted
belt- thrifted
shoes (you cant see them) keds
I wore this outfit twice last week, first to church and then to school on Thursday. I had a full slip underneath that was white but then I dyed it green and it turned out way too dark, so, I shall find another slip to dye and hopefully it shall turn out a happy color.
Dress- vintage
scarf- my grandmother
belt- my mom
shoes- my mom
bag- my mom

My dad just got a few rolls of his film developed and there were also some outfit pictures on there. They are from over the past month but they are really good quality. Yay for film.

This is my favorite vest ever.
vest- thrifted
tank- target
jeans- UO
shoes- keds
necklace- my Oma
ring- HT (the earrings are pyramid studs and are also from Hot topic).
bracelets- random
bag- my mom

I am pretty sure I posted these next two outfits earlier, but like i said, film is better quality.
skirt- thrifted
top- thrifted
bag- thrifted
shoes- keds
belt- my mom
sunglasses- my mom

skirt- vintage
top- Anthropologie
shoes- my mom
belt- my mom
bracelets- given to me by a friend
bag- thrifted

One of my rolls was also developed

My sunglasses. A day of tanning (or more like attempting to tan) at a friend's grandmother's house.

A dear friend.


Roze said...

Wow, these photo's are really amazing. I really love the first one, the one with you in your favorite vest and the one of your friend. Beautiful!

Audrey-Lynne said...

Wow--the picture of you in your vest is absolutely beautiful!


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