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Hello today
I was just looking over some of my past posts and have come to the conclusion that i don't really like my self. It is just that I ' want to post the same pictures that everyone posts on there blog of the latest Prada adds or the eternally cool girl form the Sartorialist because you can see those everywhere. So i must resort to my own little dabbles in art and fashion, though they are surface scratches in a small block of marble compared to Michelangelo's Pieta (i.e they are small and worthless compared to the world of fashion). I do not blog to promote my self, but instead because i hope that my endeavors at self expression and the art of dressing will inspire others to wear something colorful and to hopeful make them smile> Beauty is everywhere, and I am only letting a single drop into a whole ocean of beauty in this world. OK, I am sorry I am rambling, but I just am annoyed with myself because sometimes bogging seems so shallow and pointless and my justification so insignificant.
So, i am now working on a post that includes some paintings form the great masters. Tomorrow I will scan some studies I have done during school (Yes, I draw all day at school, I would feel like an unproductive lazy slacked if i had nothing to show for all the hours i spent at the place). I am also almost done sculpting the study of a skull i have been working on for a few months so be expecting pictures.

Ok, here is a detail of what I wore Tuesday. the picture of the whole outfit was no good, my face was rather a mess. all swollen because I was sad.
top- thrifted
necklace- an old key chain of my grandpas, grandmas chain, etc...
scarf- thrifted
sweater- Old navy
shorts- UO
bag- vintage
bracelet- boutique sale

This was Saturday morning, the day of my friends wedding. We went to a wonderful grandmas house and picked roses to make our bouquets.
shirt- vintage
scarf- thrifted
shorts- UO
sweater- Old Navy
shoes- keds
bracelet- a boutique sale
camera- my moms

jump suit- thrifted
scarf- my grandmother
shoes- my mom
belt- my dad
earrings- my mom

1 comment:

Krista said...

You need to post a picture of you in your bridesmaid gown. You were stunning in that gown!

I'm sorry you were sad on Tuesday. I was thinking of you a lot that day.


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