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Today I was yearning for Sweet salsa and chips. I went to the whole foods store and spent too much money. The salsa has peaches and mangoes, but is spicy ... I wished I liked spicy things.

Yesterday was very nice. the sun came out and the sky was blue, and I went downtown and celebrated my birthday with some friends. We ate Pizza. And drank steamers. Withy yummy hazelnut.

My my mind seems to be on food a lot.

Tonight I am going to watch Jane Eyre again. The library cant find the other versions. I need to go to blockbuster. Next up - Mr. Lonely

The version of Sugar, We're Goin' Down by Goat actually makes for a very good song. 
On repeat also is Imogen Heap, the knives.

Found this picture on lookbook. I am not sure what it is about it -  maybe the sky and the way their hands are interlocked  and there dancing, but it is the most stunning image. 

I am going to start a new sculpture tomorrow. I am very board of the one I have been working on for a long time. 


Anonymous said...

Oo! I love Jane Eyre. The Masterpiece Theatre version was beautiful.


Anonymous said...

omg, i love that picture too. it's intense, and happy birthday!! that's exciting.

Matt said...

Abigail, I'm glad you liked the CD. Goat's take on the FOB song is a lot better than the original, in my opinion. So much more catchy. And the Imogen Heap song is amazing <3

Tyler said...

sorry i've been neglecting posting back. i'm such a procrastinator, and on the internet, make that times.. whatever.

you know, i kinda wish i liked spicy food too. but the swede in me forbades it.

imogen heap is amazing. i remember the first time i heard hide and seek. bliss.

i've heard of she & him, but never listened. i was always under the impression zooey was with him. i was surprised when she got married to someone completely else.

Tyler said...

and, omg, lost is starting next wednesday. it's going to be amazing.


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