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Orlando is very nice. the weather is cool and the sky is blue. Here is a picture of my room that I took a few weeks ago. I miss it slightly, but not very much.
Today I got a roll of holga film developed. It turned out quite nice. I am very excited.
I am taking a lot of pictures, hope I don't run out of film...


Tyler said...

hope you enjoy your vaycay time.

i probably couldnt survive out of ohio for very long.

about lost, im pretty this season will change my life once again. locke was, he felt like my mind twin. i hope he isnt [....]. :(

i loved last season so much. desmond is just amazing.

lol, my hair, thanks. it takes a lot of patience. it's like new clothing, you have to break it in to get used to it. and drink plenty of rockstars to keep it beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the blue sky of Orlando while you can. The sky is grey here, so everthing looks pretty dismal.


Anonymous said...

nice picture.


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