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Here are some older pictures. I have loads of new ones but I have to scan them and the scanner is acting up, so as soon as I get that fixed I can update more recent things (pictures taken with my holga, and pictures of last week in orlando). I have put all the pictures in a very pretty book, so that when I am old I will be able to look back to when the world was very colorful and life was full of adventures. 
Today I got a hair cut, it is very nice to have short hair.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you were planning on getting your hair cut, since it had gotten a bit longer than I'm used to. I'm sure it looks fantastick and I can't wait to see your pictures of Orlando.


Tyler said...

yeah. it looks like your pictures are automatically downsized...

im not sure why i like ohio. actually, if its ever possible, i want to live where it gets a lot warmer. don't know where, but not anymore north.

locke weird?! thats almost blasphemy. im sorry. the new episodes were pretty good. the first hour was actually a recap... and then the 2 new episodes aired. so you might not have missed any.

lol. it has a lot of B vitamins, so I'm just bridging the logical gap, that they're good for your hair. who knows.

Anonymous said...

pretty dope.

love it, speccially the one with the mask.

any interesting projects you got going on?
totally dry on the inspiration lately for school.


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