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A Quick Note

Hello everyone out there in cyber space,
Lately the number of viewers of my blog has ben going down drastically, and my comments = 0, so I was wondering if anyone out there could clue me in on why and what I could change about my blog to make it more enjoyable to read / look at. I am somewhat to blame for the whole thing, seeing as I never comment on anyone else's blog unless they comment me first, but I am a bit shy around people I don't know, especially if they are in cyberspace instead of in front of me. So maybe I shall have to get over this issue of mine. I will post on what all the wonderful things that occurred today and some pictures later this evening. At the moment I must go pack, because I am visiting my dear cousins in Orlando this weekend!
Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Mabey in your blog posts you should pose some sort of question to your readers, that may encourage comments. And you might also try blogging more about things that inspire you (music, movies, books, other artists, fashion). I think people would be interested to hear what you think about those sorts of things. <3


Krista said...

I agree. I'd be interested to hear what you have to say...your clothes and fashion are so purposeful and inspiring. You could also blog about your art or talk about how much you enjoy thrifting most of your clothes.

But please don't stop posting!


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