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My Cousin

The past weekend was very wonderful. I so enjoy speding time with my dear cousin Jenny, she is such an inspertion. Saturday we went thirfting and to some other artsey stores, i got a wonderful top and a red chifon dress, and then we ate at a vegetarion cafe that was really yummy. Sadley, I forgot to bring my camrey on our little galavant, but i do have some pictures I took of her a month ago. Yes, I know, that is a long time ago, but film does have it's idsadvantages, and I do have my problem with letting pictures pile up.

I am leaving to spend the week with a dear friend in the morning. I am so excited, we shall have such a wonderful week. I shall not be able to post outfit shots, but I think I will branch out next week and post on some other things. Thanks Clare for the suggestion, i do feel like i have gotten in a bit of a rut lately.


Anonymous said...

Have fun with your dear friend. I can't wait to see a pic of that red chiffon dress. ;)


Anonymous said...

wow, abigail-i love these pictures! & the ones of your brothers. love you!


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