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Back for a while

So, I wasn't planning on updating, but the past week, while I was at a conference, I ended up being in some pictures, giving me some fodder for a weeks worth of posting. More to come later this week. Thanks to my dear friend Audrey for taking them.

shirt- thrifted in Little Five Points, Atlanta
lame tube bra - AA
skirt- thrifted
sunglasses - UO
sweater (in shadows)- Costume sale
bag ( also in shadow) - My moms. She actually used it as a diaper bag when I was a baby.

Yesterday I went thrifting and found some exciting things; more on that later.
I also saw 'Speed Racer' with my little brother. It was a visual feast, but the whole acting/character development/script seemed a bit lacking.

I have come to the conclusion that I will continue to post, but only when I have something. I am not going to spend that much time scrounging around for something to post on or a decent picture. So, don't abandon me.

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