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I received the most amazing pair of earphones in the mail a few days ago. They make the experience of listening to music far more wonderful than I was aware it could be (music from an iPod, not live), plus they are a very happy color.

shirt- thrifted vintage Kmart
shorts- UO
earphones- amazon
bag- theater sale
sunglasses- UO
scarf- thrifted

Last night I ended not being able to sleep for a while, so instead i though up a project to do today...... bleach splashed jeans! They turned out quite nicely and will have there debut tomorrow. I also read some in the very exciting book 'Thrift score' and was very inspired to-
a) Do more research on the teen subcultures of the past half decade (beatnik, punk, ska, hippy, etc)
b) work more of these elements into my style
More on that tomorrow when I have some time to post in detail.


Anonymous said...

Ohh, I can't wait to see pics of your restyled jeans. And I'll have to check out that book too, it sounds interesting.


Anonymous said...

yay for awesome headphones & bleach jeans!
teen subcultures are fascinating...
hope you're doing well; i need to write you a letter!


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