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Dead camera

Hello my dear people! my sad camera lost one of it's pars and so I cant take pictures with it anymore! I still have my wonderful film camera, but it isn't really perfect for taking outfit shots. Anyways, I have decide that it is about time to get a new digital, one that really takes amazing pictures, it is just that at the mont I am a bit short of money, so it may be a while. During that time I am going to be posting images form film, older digital photos, and also about fashion history and art. If you have anything you would specifically like to hear about or a suggestions on what camera I should look at then let me know!

1 comment:

sea ghosts said...

hello. i got one. i already had a livejournal.. but i needed to leave you a comment about the various pictures posted below.

marvelous! i love your outfits!


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