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Hay Bales

I have always loved hay bales. there is something so magical about them. If this doesn't make sense to you then that probably indicates that you are sane. Maybe part of the reason I like them so much is that my uncle, who is an amazing photographer, did all this photos of hay bales using lights at night and the pictures have always hung in my grandmothers house.

So, anyways, enough about hay bales.

Thanks to my 12 year old brother for taking the pictures. He is such a sweetie.
dress- my grandmothers
belt- my grandmothers
boots - UO
sunglasses- UO

I have been sewing a lot of late. A dread friend's mom gave me all her grandmother's old dresses so I have a lot of stuff to hem/fix/rework. I can't wait till the weather gets a little cooler!

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