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Goals, Beliefs, and Sculptures

I got invited last minute to a 3-day-long sculpting class with a model and, of course, couldn't say no. So the past three days I have been busy.
Meanwhile, here are some random pictures.
I got a comment on my last post about not writing about my pro-life efforts and I would like to say thank you for reading my blog and for the advice, however I would also like to say:
Firstly - when I began this blog I did not view it as a fashion blog, but instead a blog where I can write about my artistic endeavors, what is inspiring me, what I find beautiful, ugly, etc. Right now in my life, I am expressing myself a lot in the way I dress, as I always have. But attire is not the main focus of this blog, only a subpoint). The way I view my blog has not changed. The only recent change is the amount of time I have devoted to it. Of late I have only had time to post a few outfit pictures and have not been focusing as much on art, religious beliefs and important aspects of my life.
Secondly - when I do mention what I believe and the causes I support, I do not mean to offend anyone. I mention what is going on in my life and what is weighing heavily on my mind, and the past week that has been what I can do to slow down abortion.
This week I am going to work on a bas relief of a pregnant woman. Yes, it is connected with my desire to shield tiny children in the womb.
I can't separate my life into little boxes labeled 'fashion,' 'art,' 'photography,' 'religion,' 'what I stand for' and so on. I believe that every aspect of our life is connected and influences every other part of our life. I want to live a life in which I stand for what I believe unashamedly and not be afraid of what people think of me for expressing myself. I hope that you will respect me for this, despite the fact that you my not agree with me about boys and girls before birth. If you cannot respect me because of what I believe, than I hope that you can lay this difference aside and enjoy the art and images on this blog. Please don't hate; it does not become anybody.
Thank you
- Marie


stock market timing said...

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Krista said...

Good for you to stand up for your beliefs. I'll bet your relief of the pregnant woman will be amazing.

And you know what? It's your blog. You can write what you want. And if you believe that it's not right to terminate an eternal soul who's not born yet, then go ahead and write that. That's not hate. That's truth.

By the way, I missed you yesterday. I'll see you Friday!

Rose said...

Good job Abigail!



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