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Junne 11

Today was wonderful, as was monday and tuesday. I don't have my rolls of film developed but they shall be soon. I will tell you all about all the picnics then.
Today was very hot but the trip to Atlanta seemed short and I am happy to see my great uncle, as well as with what I got.
I went to UO and then to little five points. it was wonderful. here is a sketch from a cafe window, done in my new moleskine!

dress/jumpsuit - thrifted
boots- UO- see, I told you they were perfect, and like walking on clouds! However they have already almost had a near death experience. sunday i was at a dear friends house and we decided to ride her horse. they were the only shoes I had and when we got back form riding i discovered the backs were covered in horse sweat! The cobbler said there was nothing to be done about the stain, but then i scraped it off with my fingernail and they look quite fine again. Yay.
sparkly ring - M by MJ
stack of rings - a nice lady at a vintage store in little Five Points said i could have them for free, even though i did still have a dolor to pay her with. Yay for free cheap-y jewelry!
belt- thrifted
I also finished my skull about a week ago. here is a not-so-good-quality picture of it.

I hope I can make some money this summer thru my art. Today I spent about 70 dollars, however I think I shall not buy anything for a few months now. I got a Tee with a face on it and paper bag B&W shorts from UO for $10 each, a vintage tank and old graffiti print biker shorts at a expensive thrift store in little five points, and a lame tube and headband from AA, as well as another Lame Tube for a friend. Yay I feel blessed by all the colors!

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