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Oh I am so excited. One of my dearest friends is coming back from living in canada tomorrow, and school is almost over for a month, WHOOOOO, and I went thifting today and found tons of amazing things, and I went to a wonderfully colorful music store and found a CD with loads of Beatles recordings. Amazing. And I get to sleep in a ton. And my physics exam is off my shoulders. My friends, the world is a beautiful, colorful, and sweet sounding globe. I hope tons of you share this feeling, and if you are down, I hope you feel better about life soon.


Anonymous said...

hahaha,, trippy,

tyler said...

well... yeah they do grow... but my favorites are "Psychocandy" and "Disintigration" respectively. and only those.

i know! it's almost magical voodoo. i'm sure. silent shout is such a good song.

ha. i think it's okay. as long as you're honestly feeling it. and not fitting in to "fit in."

lately i've been a little discouraged about pictures. it's just been very gloomy and wet... and it's just not helping my creativity.


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