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School is out.
Finals are over.
Friends are back in town.
life is still complex
but it is also beautiful.
The human back is also complex.

That was a bad segway.

I have been experimenting with overlaying my drawings with tracing paper so that I can label all the muscles and identify the main masses. It has helped a lot.

"I'm darthvader
I know what I'm made of
'cause I was warmed by the sun, the sun....
your looking for me
but it's not what you see
cause I've got a twisted personality."

"I was looking for you
and I'm glad I found me a special kind of personality
you are Darth vader
I know what your made of
you are like a lunge, a lung...
you were warmed by the sun, the sun...."
The Knife

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Anonymous said...

Those drawings are beautiful. I like that they're in black, white and shades of grey.



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