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Crafty #2

Shirt- this was a man's undershirt and i dyed it, cut out the neck, and sewed on bits if fabric cut in teardrop shape. I have been wanting some unique t-shirts lately, but have ended up having to make my own. It is rather fun actually!
shorts- these were actually capris that one of my cousins passed down to me but i cut them off and cave them a darker wash. I am not really a capri person. Anyway, i was so excited that i was actually capable of cutting them of in straight line, but became somewhat sad when i walked into Target a couple weeks ago and saw shorts just like them. Copycats.
leggings- target
silver shoes- UO
hair clip and ring- my mom's; she wore them as a girl.

This is a necklace that i made out of wire. I was inspired by an artist i saw at a art festival but her name isn't coming to mind. anyway, I worked on it over summer on the way to the beach.

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alwcurlz said...

IMG_4665.JPG ....
A nice thought-shot. A serious un-emotional glance of deep thought. Good up-close detail of asian-like eye appearance and natural-looking rose-colored lips, shaped so perfectly, poised to turn and speak.


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