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Prada Fall and Spring

I feel as eternally behind in school as I do in fashion and I have been spending so much time on school lately that I haven't had time to browse all the new Spring shows (I haven't even seen many of the fall ones) and I haven't had time to update (as you can see). But today I bring you my favorites from both the fall '07 (Top) and the spring '08 of Prada (I get all of my runway pictures, reviews, and all of that wonderful suff from the wonderful The pictures are sorta small so click to enlarge. Her spring show was amazing. She was very inspired by art Deco. Her fall collection was also very beautiful: especially the colors and the dip dye.
I would be posting more pictures from my trip however I have only had half of my film developed and I failed to mention to my dad that i wanted disks... and i didn't feel like scanning zillions of pictures. So, you will have to wait till I receive the other half of my pictures on disk so that I may post them.

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