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Gustav Klimt

Klimt is one of my favorite artist. His works stood out at the time that it was painted and still does today. . i wanted to get more of his painting up on this post but i ran out of room and i had to crop the paintings of his which i did post. do an image search of Klimt on google to see more of his work. Clockwise from top left-
'The Kiss' (1907-1908), 'The Maiden' (1912-1913), Portrait of Adele-Bloch Bauer II (1912), and 'Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I' (1907).

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S.K. Johnson said...

I love how he did his work in the early 1900's, but he gave it a golden, almost byzantine look with a romantic twist. Cool beans.

-K Johnson


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