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colors of the day

Clockwise from top left
Two pages from my journal. it is pretty much just a bunch of junk that i find beautiful glue on a page and then paint and every now and then bits from my sketch book. However you don't have to be an artist to have an art journal or keep an altered book going.
This is a photo from taken by Kenneth Cappello for Loveless Tokyo Stores.
Tome tiles from a wall in Little Five Points, Atlanta. pretty much the coolest place in the world.
A scarf that i knitted out of a crazy assortment of yarn.


S.K. Johnson said...

This is so fantastic as always! It really made my day to see this, it's beautiful!

-K Johnson ;)

Kathryn said...

i love that scarf!! so you knitt? i love to knitt!
this is a great blog! i love colors so when i see this site it just takes my breath away! all the lovely colors! well see you later!


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